About Ch05En

In the not too distant future, scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics map out a gene given the markers of Ch05En.


The Fate Gene.


A latent Ch05En gene destines someone for greatness. Maybe you'll be a rock star, or CEO of a Fortune 500. You might save somebody's life or give birth to the greatest supporting actress of all time.


Maybe you'll be a superhero.


Those with powers are often recruited into the Global Heroes Society to become Capes. They are our protectors in a world of infinite possibilities.


A world where the terrorist organization known as The Aggregate live to instill fear into the masses, and Freelancers use their powers for personal gain, often at the cost of others.


In the world of Ch05En, we're one suddenly-activated Fate Gene away from total salvation...


Or complete annihilation.