Musicians & Artists

Daio has been with Ch05En since the beginning. He continues to create all of the beautiful cover art for the written works and was the primary artist for issue #0 of Ch05En: Adventures of Brass Man.

Lukasz and his team have become a welcome addition to the Ch05En universe. They are the team behind Ch05En: Grizz Vol. 1. Lukasz brings a lot of passion and excitement to Ch05En which shines through clearly in his work.

House of Don Productions brought Ch05En to life with their creation of the live-action Ch05En trailer as seen on the homepage and Youtube.

James Von Boldt as DJ Impostor was the first featured musical artist to make his way into the world of Ch05En in Ch05En: Episode 1. Frankie loves to cruise while listening to DJ Impostor's album Pink Elephants. Give "Brain Wrinkle" a listen for the full Impostor experience.

Thee Swank Bastards were recently featured in Ch05En: MegaTech. Megan ran into them on the Tiki Circuit and you can too! Thee Swank Bastards regularly perform their contemporary Surf at tiki lounges and dive bars all along the west coast with weekly shows at the Double Down Saloon in Las Vegas.