In August of 2013, I joined a writing group I found on Reddit. I knew I wanted to work on shorter fiction because managing a full novel was still outside of what I thought I could do. I gave the writing group about a thousand words a week revolving around this idea I was playing with for a few months.


That idea turned into Ch05En: Episode 1.


Every day, I work to expand the Ch05En universe more and more; to produce things that people will enjoy reading, looking at, or being around in general.


Every day, I work to be just a little bit better than the day before.

About William

Hello! I'm Will Dickstein. I'm from Las Vegas. 


I’ve always liked doing stuff with words. I did it here and there growing up. I have written way too much poetry. A couple of years ago, I decided, “Alright, let’s write a book.” And I did.


When I reached the 60K mark on my first novel, I sat back and thought, “Heh...this is terrible.”


But it’s all about the milestones.


That first book took me over a year. I wrote another book during NaNoWriMo in 2012 to prove to myself that I could hit deadlines. That, too, ended up being a terrible novel.

Like Super Heroes? Like good writing? Like good food? Like America and freedom? Then you'll like [William Dickstein]...

– Billy Edward Dunmire III